Please meet our December Influencer of the Month, Sprout Daily.




What are some of the cool opportunities you’ve gotten from blogging?

One of the best things that I’ve had the privilege of being part of was a 3 week camper van trip around New Zealand with Wilderness Motorhomes.  There’s no better way to see New Zealand than up close and personal and having a motorhome is the only way to go, especially on a surfing trip.  We choose to go in April because our primary focus was surfing and that’s the magic month for waves in New Zealand.  Wilderness Motorhomes came on board and sponsored us a van for 3 weeks and I ran the blog while we were on the road, posting about surfing, travels and general NZ adventures.  Start here if you’d like to check out the adventure.

How important is photography and creating original content for bloggers?

For me it’s mostly about creating rather than sourcing content.  I post my own photography daily and I hope my style is what attracts people to Sprout Daily and keep them interested.  But there’s always a place for sharing relevant content with your community, but it’s got to have a direct link back to the source and a credit.

What’s in store for the future of your blog?

More Travel, more adventures, both here and overseas.  Oh, and I’d really like to dig a little deeper into my own community right here in Manly.  Right now I keep it fairly surface, but the more I observe the more I want to delve a little deeper and get to the heart of the people and sub-groups that exist here.  Yeah, a picture of a crusty old body surfer getting out of the water is nice, but what’s his name, where’s he from, why’s he do what he does.  That’s what I want to ask, both visually through photography, and in writing.