5 Reasons Why Your Body is Begging You to Go Camping in Australia

Ahhh, the great outdoors! Is there anything better? As great as it is to be out in nature, it’s something that we often neglect to re-connect with, given our busy day-to-day schedules. 

But if you do get the chance, you should make some time for it this Summer, your body will thank you for it – here’s why: 

1 – Ahh, Fresh Air! 

Spending more time with nature, surrounded by all of the greenery is the perfect way to give your lungs some much-needed, refreshing oxygen. 

You can’t help but smile as you take that first deep breath of fresh green air into your lungs upon arrival – and there’s good reason for that as well, given the release of serotonin which is an instant reliever of pain and anxiety. 

But that’s not all, fresh oxygen also improves digestion, boosts your immune system, and lowers your blood pressure. 

2 – Good Moods All-Around  

I don’t think there are many people who have ever come back from a camping trip in a bad mood…unless of course they’d strayed from the beaten path and ended up being chased by a bear or something. 

However, for the most part, camping is a genuine mood improver. This is due to the fact that plenty of sunlight is perfect for balancing your melatonin levels. 

This will invariably reduce exhaustion and fend off any feelings of depressions. 

3 – Stress-Free 

Unless you forget to pack your tent, camping should be a very stress-free experience. 

It affords you the opportunity to relax and slow down a little. 

Our hectic lifestyles result in us feeling more and more stressed, which can have a terribly negative impact on our mental health. 

With some fresh air, sunshine, and the beautiful smells and sounds of nature, you can kiss these feelings of stress goodbye almost instantaneously. 

4 – Great Exercise 

Of course, there’s no better way to get some exercise than having a trek outdoors. 

From hiking to your favourite spot, gathering firewood, and building a fire, you’ve plenty of opportunities to get the blood pumping! 

Rather than spending all day sitting behind a desk, you have the chance to get some much-needed cardio. You’ll burn more calories, reduce the strain on your heart and feel physically stronger for it. 

5 – Vitamin D, Baby! 

Those UV rays are absolutely jam-packed with Vitamin-D which is excellent for our bodies. 

In fact, not getting enough vitamin D has been linked to depression and other detrimental health problems. 

Of course, you’ll have to be careful and make sure that you put sunscreen on when the sun is at its hottest – though plenty of exposure to the sun in Australia can be really good for you, again, as long as you are wearing plenty of sun protection.


There’s no excuse not to get out there and camp for at least a few days every now and again! The health benefits listed above are simply too good to ignore, and on top of that, camping is relatively inexpensive. 

Rather than spending out for a trip to the other side of the world to stay in a fancy hotel, why not take a trip outside the city and have just as much fun? 

If you’re worried about spending too much money on gear, you’ll find that there are plenty of places where you can purchase affordable camping mats, tents, sleeping bags, and all other essentials you’ll need to get started!

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