We are very happy to be introducing the November Rocketfuel Influencer of the Month, Yvette from Little Bento Blog.


Twitter: @littlebentoblog

Has your blog evolved much over time?

It definitely has evolved especially in the last month. I started out writing about my family, which involved my children’s eating habits, medical issues and normal mother related topics! However the inspiration to create lunches took over my blog posts and thats what I focus my blog posts on now.

How would you describe your blog to someone who had never read it? 

I create and inspire, simple Bento Style Lunches for those little fussy eaters. Helping mothers turn normal lunches into spectacular lunches with minimal effort.

What advice do you wish someone gave you when you started blogging?

Choose a name that will match your blog niche. My original blog name was Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts – because I love all things tacky (from Goldie Hawn movies to collecting Spanish Straw Donkeys, and I call my children my lil squirts.. it was fitting to me.. but unfortunately not many people understood the name. As my blog evolved over the last 18 months thats when Little Bento Blog was born.