Why Spending Time in Your Australian Garden is Great for Your Mental and Physical Health

Many people in Australia can be put off by gardening, not so much because they don’t like it or have no interest in it, but because of the sheer amount of work that they’ll have to put into getting it in a relative shape. 

For example, your grass might be really unhealthy and showing signs of decay, which means that you’ll either have to re-seed it entirely, buy some fresh turf or turn it into a decking/patio area. 

That’s just the beginning. Following that, you’ll have to assess all the other areas of your garden which may have become overgrown with wildflowers and weeds which you’d want to dig up. 

So, it won’t be long until you realise that before you can even plant anything, first you have to spend ages digging everything up. 

Well, it might well be a big job, the size of which depends on the space (and state of) available in your garden. 

That being said, re-turfing isn’t as big a job as you might think and that’s half the battle. A reputable company can provide you with quality fresh turf which you can simply and efficiently roll out onto your garden, creating a stunning a fresh-looking lawn. 

Before doing that, we would advise hiring a small skip bin and clearing out all of your green waste so that you can start fresh without destroying your freshly laid turf. 

Now, why is it worth doing? What is so special about having a fresh and beautiful-looking garden? 

Well, there are many health benefits, (both physical and mental) that come from not only the gardening process but from spending time outdoors as well. Let’s take a quick look at those:

1 – It’s Great for Reducing Stress

That’s right, getting stuck into a garden renovation is going to reduce your stress! 

Not only will you no longer have to look at the mess outside your house, but you’ll feel a great sense of achievement while you work towards improving it. 

Then, being outside amongst nature is always going to make you feel good! 

2 – The Exercise is Great 

On top of feeling great from being amongst nature, the endorphins that will be released through your body while you exercise in your garden are going to make you feel even better! 

3 – Grow Your Own Food! 

What could be more rewarding than growing some of your own, favourite fruit and vegetables? It’s a great way to create a healthier diet for your friends and family and it will save you money in the long run whilst doing so. 

4 – Create Your Own Slice of Paradise 

The hard work will be worth every bead of sweat once you’re finally able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

By creating a beautiful space in your garden you’ll be able to regularly escape from the stress and mundanity of life and break away for a little while, for some peace and quiet. 


These are just a handful of the benefits that come from working outside in your garden. For example, you could create a safer environment for your children to play in. 

Whatever your motives or reasons for wanting to do it, we would highly recommend doing it either way! 

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