Owning a Ferrari Doesn’t Have to be a Pipedream – Treat Yourself to a Pre-Owned Ferrari in Australia

Owning a Ferrari Doesn’t Have to be a Pipedream – Treat Yourself to a Pre-Owned Ferrari in Australia

Many of us in Australia dream about owning a sports car.  But for some the dream of a sports car isn’t enough, they want THE sports car. 

A Ferrari!  

Owning a Ferrari may seem like a pipe dream that only the rich and famous can ever indulge in, but, as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.  

Ferrari dealers are not very common, with Ferrari’s official website listing only five in Australia.  As you might imagine, the market is very limited given the supremely luxurious nature of the cars their sales aren’t astronomical, but they don’t need to be.  

In 2017, Ferrari sold 210 new cars in Australia, a rise of 22 units in the previous year but hardly the sales figures of more mainstream car manufacturers.  

But this is all part of the appeal of a Ferrari, the exclusivity of owning one.

Buying a Second Hand Ferrari in Australia

However, should you manage to find the money for even an entry-level Ferrari; the second-hand market is surprisingly buoyant.  

The cars hold their value exceedingly well, with even a Mondial 8 retaining much of its initial value.  

The most important aspect that leads to a Ferrari retaining its value comes from its service history.  

These machines are such a luxury it might seem incomprehensible that someone wouldn’t care for it like it was their own flesh and blood, but there are always exceptions.  

When looking at second-hand Ferrari’s, always do your research and check the dealers, car history, and any reported work the service history claims.  

Obviously, if a small dealer has one Ferrari and a lot of family cars, you need to ask some serious questions.  Just remember to always double-check everything and protect yourself and your hard-earned money.

If You Plan to Invest in a Ferrari, Be Damn Sure to Take Excellent Care of it! 

If you do manage to find and secure a top-quality Ferrari purchase, then you need to ensure that you continue to look after the car as well as it deserves.  

Find yourself a reputable Ferrari specialist to help you take care of your new muse.  

Taking expert care of a highly specialised machine like your new Ferrari is essential.  

If you need to perform repairs or restoration work, either simple things that you feel like having a go at yourselves (some things are simple after all) or professional work, then obtaining the best spare parts for your Ferrari available is essential.  

Particularly older models can prove almost impossible to source original parts for but there are reputable manufacturers of almost indistinguishable replacement parts designed to be as good as those they replace.  

There are even instances where these replacement manufacturers have actually made improvements to design flaws and performance issues that were not evident until the cars had gone to market.  

There is a strong example of purveyors of these parts along with a small but strong niche market that is ready for your business, just as soon as you secure that car of your dreams.